Resistance Against Some Acids

Heat-Shock Resistance

Easy Maintenance

Low Scratch Resistance

Compression Resistance

Fire Resistance

Food Preparation


Technical Specifications


Recommended rate of advance for cutting. For 2cm Slabs, 3-3.5 m/min, for 3cm slabs 2.5-3 m/min. Cutting disk rotation speeds, for 20cm disk, 2500rpm. For 15cm disk 3500rpm. Continuous water flow at all times. Ensure cutting table is in good condition and free from debris. The radius of the holes at the corners should never be less than 4mm.


Hob. Leave as large a gap as possible between the worktop and the hob.
Washing Machine and Dishwasher insulation pads must be installed.
Heat Insulation tape must be used anywhere direct heat comes into contact with the quartz worktop.
Ensure the base units supporting the installation are level and all joint reinforcements are in place. Ensure that the front of the base unit supports the worktop around the sink cutout.


Do not use water repellents or sealants to increase the natural shine of Corestone.
Do not install outdoors or under UV lighting.
Do not use paint strippers, caustic soda or any cleaning product with a ph. value of more than 10. Do not use any product containing dichloramine.
If bleach is used it must be heavily diluted and never left in contact with the work surface. Remember, bleach and solvents can continue to affect the work surface 12 hours later.
Do not use degreasing agents such as those found in oven cleaners.
We recommend that you do not put hot objects straight on to the work surface.


At time of installation.
Grease marks may be removed with a small amount of Q-Action or similar and a soft scouring pad. Rinse immediately and dry. For silicone and putty stains use a solvent that does not contain dichloromethane, rinse and dry. For limescale or glass marks use a proprietary cleaner for a maximum of one minute then rinse and dry.
Daily cleaning.
Wipe with a soft damp cloth. For difficult stains use a soft scouring pad, ScotchBrite or similar with a suitable kitchen cleaner.
*Failure to follow these will invalidate your warranty."

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